This guideline is prepared for users who subscribe SPAM Expert (Advanced Incoming SPAM Protection) service and wish to report for spam or not spam.

If you find spam is not being blocked by the filters or legitimate messages are being blocked as spam, you can upload the emails to the Spam Experts training system. This allows the system to gather valuable information on the nature of the emails and helps to reduce future spam from reaching your mailbox and future legitimate emails from being quarantined. Emails that bypass our filters are automatically excluded from the training system, e.g. if a sender/recipient is on the Allow list.

  1. Select 'Train Messages' at Dashboard under Incoming
  2. Select whether the message(s) should be recognized as legitimate or spam.
  3. Click Continue
  4. You will be asked to confirm you wish to train a message, click Report as spam/Report as legitimate
  5. Close the dialog box once you see the file(s) have been successfully uploaded