Allowlisted Recipient mail will be by pass from being protected by Spam

  1. Enter SPAM Expert dashboard via client area. If user is not familiar with this then may refer to the below guideline:
  2. Click on "Recipient Allowlist" under "Incoming - Protection Settings" to proceed.
  3. To Allowlist recipients for you domain, you must disable incoming filtering for specific mailboxes by clicking "Mailbox Overview" and set "Filtered (Incoming)" option to "No".
  4. Make sure that now you are on "Mailboxes" if not please click on the "Mailboxes" tab to proceed.
  5. Click "Add mailbox" button to proceed.
  6. A pop-up window will be shown, you can now add the email address that you wish to customize the setting. Remember to click on "No" for "Filtered (Incoming)". Remember to click "Save".

    Any mailboxes you have added this under your domain will not be filtered by the system for any antispam protection screening. We would recommend to do the allowlist / blocklist in conscious method as any incorrect setting will cause the email messages to be either deleted from the filtering system. The best way is to contact our support for an advise before taking any changes if you are unsure.